freedom from the Enemy’s oppression!


CHRIST IS ALSO YOUR HEALER! That is the other Good News of the Gospel! Whether it

is your emotions, your mind, or your body that need healing, it is to be found in and

through Jesus Christ. Christ has already provided for your healing and deliverance

through the Cross. It is your legal right in Him! Will you learn to assert your right to be

healed and receive Him as not only your Savior but your Healer also?...

Healing is God’s Justice
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Ministry Disclaimer
This is strictly a prayer ministry and website. The contents of the website, and any ministry offered, should not be considered professional advice, counseling, or therapy. We are not doctors, medical professionals, therapists, counselors, or clergy. We are simply believers in the Word of God who will fight with you and for you. We do not represent or warrant any ministry results. We thank the Lord for both medicine and medical professionals. Thank you.
We do not charge for ministry. “Freely we have received. Freely we give.”
Ministry Is Always Free
If you need ministry, and are located near the Houston, Texas area, or you would like a healing presentation at your church or retreat, please send an email to We will reply promptly and we will try to accommodate you.
Ministry Is Available
Be encouraged! The Lord has heard your cry and mightily responded in sending his Son.
We do not need to plead with, bribe, or cajole God to heal us, when He has already done far more than we need in sending to us His only Son. We only need to believe it by acting upon it as explained in the Articles. Christ healed ALL who came to Him. The Bible is clear: “He who did not spare His own Son but delivered Him  over for us all, how shall He not freely give us ALL things through Him.” (Rom. 8:32) The “all things” by any interpretation certainly includes your healing.
From this site, you can: Arrange for free personal ministry if you can be present in the Houston, Texas area for your initial ministry session (@ 4 hours), and you can participate in follow-up ministry by Skype Arrange for a healing presentation at your church or retreat Educate and encourage yourself about God’s healing assurances by reviewing the linked articles  on healing and deliverance Review the other linked essays which provide insight into the absolute magnificence of the Gospel of Jesus Christ We trust that you will be blessed by our God as a result of your visit.
The Lord wants you healed now!
Healing is God’s Justice
The post-modern visible church may have disdained the awesome inheritance – the promise of authority over unclean spirits and disease (Mat. 10:1), but that doesn’t mean that we should. The evangelical carnival hucksters, tent show revivalists, and TBN frauds may have brought the promises into ridicule and disrepute, but that doesn’t mean the promises are no longer good – does it?
Therefore, the point of the foregoing discussion is to set the stage for the proposition that, according to Scripture, you have a winning argument to assert against the Enemy responsible for your sickness, and before the Judge in relation to your healing! But that if instead you persist in pleading before the Judge for a favor, you will lose, as you would before any earthly judge... Jesus knew this, which is why neither He nor the disciples ever “prayed” for the sick...
The fundamental fact of healing is this: God has “rescued us out of the hands of our enemies” (Lke. 1:68- 74), but that rescue, just like your salvation, although already accomplished, must be received, with open hands, and tenaciously protected, because not only is Satan a liar, “he comes to steal, kill, and destroy.”
From the Article “Our Authority Over Unclean Spirits and Disease”
From the Article “Healing Is God’s Justice”
From the Article “How to Receive and Keep Your Healing”
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