Healing is God’s Justice
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Healing is God’s Justice
Help for the Emotionally Hurting                  Words can hurt and the hurts can scar. The tongue is a “fire, the very world of iniquity”, a bona fide weapon of mass destruction when used to tear down, to injure, to degrade, and to abuse. We have all been hurt, some more than others, by loved ones or those in authority over us, and their words keep playing over and over in our heads. We either believed them then, or somehow, over time, we have come to believe them now, and the seed, once allowed to be planted and watered, yields its poisonous fruit - rejection, resentment, depression, and hopelessness. We are now convinced that we are of no worth, unloved, and unforgivable, by both man and God. Be encouraged…. There is help and there is hope. Help for the Physically Sick  The doctors have spoken, the tests have come in, and the statistics don’t lie, you tell yourself, despite the best efforts of all concerned. The church has prayed for you and the family has cried over you. You yourself are distraught, confused, unbearably depressed, and forlorn beyond measure. “Where is God?” in all of this, you ask. “Why doesn’t He heal me?” And all of your theology comes crashing down bringing with it your confidence, your hope in a good God, and your faith in His Word. Be encouraged….There is help and there is hope. Help for the Obsessive Compulsive You’ve tried to stop… but you just can’t, whether its pornography, anger, sex, lying, stealing, alcohol, or other self-destructive habits, and your loved ones are being destroyed with you, day by day. You’ve been prayed for, you’ve been counseled, you’ve been pleaded with, you’ve been de- toxed, but it keeps coming back, and seems too strong to overcome… - ever. Be encouraged….There is help and there is hope. What We Believe Disease and Emotional Oppression is from Satan, not God. Know thy enemy. If we are confused about the source of the evil in our lives, we will either not fight, or we will lose hope when we do not prevail immediately. God is Light, Satan is darkness. The attitude of God towards disease is perfectly clear as exemplified by Jesus, “the exact representation of the Father”. Jesus healed “all” who came to to Him – without exception. “The Son of God appeared for this purpose – to destroy the works of the devil.” (1 Jhn. 3:8) He “healed ALL who were oppressed by the devil.” (Acts 10:38) God wants you well – Christ died to ensure it. God Has Heard Your Cry The whole race of Adam is under a Curse for its rebellion against a good King, and the result of the Curse, which prominently features disease, is clearly set forth in the pages of Scripture (Deu. 28). The cry of those like you who have labored under the burden and oppression of that Curse and attendant disease has been heard by the King, just as He said to Moses from the burning bush. God Has Already Acted in Response In His omniscience, He actually heard your cry for help before time began, when He decided to send His only Son into the World to pay the just penalty for your sin and mine, to lift the Curse from our backs and to place it on His own. In doing so, Christ also “took our diseases and carried away our sicknesses.” (Mat. 8:17-18). Therefore, we need bear them no longer. There is no need to plead, cajole, or bribe God to heal us. He has already responded, magnificently, in Christ.  Christ has won the victory. But we must act in obedience, with perseverance, to see the manifestation of that stupendous Truth. The Enemy is a Liar and a Thief This is because Satan, according to Jesus, is the “Ruler of this World” (”Jhn 14:30) and, as a result, “the whole world lies in His power.” (1 Jhn. 5:25) Therefore, even though Satan has been “disarmed” (Col. 2:15), in that his legal right to enforce the Curse against us has been destroyed by Christ, being a criminal intent upon stealing our blessing bought at such a great price, he continues to afflict us until someone stronger than him forces him out. We Have Authority Over the Enemy Christ gave us “authority over every unclean spirit and over all diseases and sicknesses.” (Lke. 9:1; Mat. 10:1) We have been seated “in the heavenly places with Christ”, at the right hand of the Father, “far above” all other authority (Eph. 1:15- 21). That truth is the basis for our acting – not by praying to God as if He needed to do something more than send Christ, but by using the authority we’ve already been given and firmly commanding the enemy to depart, exactly as Christ and the disciples did. The Healing Promises are Inherited through Faith and Patience Although disarmed, the enemy is not powerless and will resist. But since indeed we have the victory from Christ and we know the authority He has given us, we ”resist the devil” until He flees, for “all the promises of God are inherited through faith and perseverance.” (Hbr. 6:12) What We Do Healing is a process. The Enemy has had a long time to sew his seeds of destruction and to teach us the fleshly habits and thought patterns/lies that so enslave us, or to embed his agents of disease. We will stand and fight with you and for you, using our authority in Christ against your Enemies. But it is truly the Lord who fights for you through us, for, as David said, “the battle is the Lord’s.” Questionnaire We begin by asking you to fill out a confidential Questionnaire to identify any areas of your life or those of your ancestors which may have given the Enemy a legal right to continue to afflict you, even though the Adamic Curse has been lifted. It may be a pornography addiction, sexual immorality, blinding bitterness, or occult involvement. Whatever it is, it needs to be exposed. Prayer of Release From the Questionnaire answers we craft a Prayer for the release of all unforgiveness and bitterness, and the renunciation and confession of all personal and ancestral sin. The Scripture is clear: “Confess your sins to one another so that you may be healed.” (Ja. 5:16) We take you through that prayer allowing the Holy Spirit to cleanse you and eliminate any continuing right of the Enemy to afflict you. Initial Ministry The initial ministry session of 3-4 hours consists of allowing the Holy Spirit to heal the hurts and bring His light and truth to replace the Enemy’s darkness and lies. The Enemy is exposed, identified, and ejected. Follow-up A series of usually 3-4 follow-up sessions are necessary to ensure complete freedom - that the Enemy has been completely rooted out and does not return, and that healing is in the process of being completed. These can take between 2-3 hours each. All ministry is free. “Freely we give. Freely we have received.” [Note: The author of this website is a 60 year old attorney (Duke University, B.A. Political Science, B.A. Economics 1975, Louisiana State University, J.D. 1979), residing in Houston, Texas. He can be reached at mph@healingisgodsjustice.org.]


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