Healing is God’s Justice
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Healing is God’s Justice

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The Gospel of Jesus Christ is the most radical explanation of the plight of man ever postulated. It is nothing less than a slash-and-burn through man’s most cherished presuppositions about himself and God - a Sherman-like torch and scorch march to the sea leaving the best of human wisdom and wishful thinking as bits of twisted metal and burned-out hulks flung behind and strewn about.
Our Desperate Situation
Therefore, Paul is quite clear in Romans 7 that evil dwelt within him. The Holy Spirit, then, can and does reside with evil, sin, and disease in the same person, just in different parts of that tripartite person. So it would be logical and Scriptural to conclude that nothing prohibits a demonic presence to also be there, and, accordingly, any believer can be sorely afflicted in his flesh by the Enemy.
Possession vs. Oppression 
The translators translated the same words differently to fit the context since the operative Greek verb “sozo” means to be healed or saved. That is no accident, nor is the fact that Christ spoke the same exact words to both ladies – one physically sick and one spiritually sick. Because Christ used the exact same words in both situations, there is only one conclusion to be drawn: in the eyes of Christ, being physically healed and being spiritually saved are two aspects of the exact same thing!
Savior and Healer: The Indivisibility of Christ  
The Promises of God 
George Mueller has said: "I would carefully, quietly, deliberately examine and see whether what I was trusting for was something in accordance with His promises in his written word. Then if I found it was, the amount of difficulties would be no hindrance to my trust." It should be exactly the same with every one of us who call ourselves by the Name of Christ...
A Gospel Q&A  
Thus, all descendants of Adam are, to be graphic, born traitors - by nature they are rebels against the rightful King, and at the end of time, we are told by Scripture, they will be subject to the traditional fate of traitors...And we all know what that is...
The Anchor of the Soul 
God realized that humans would view His Promises as a man’s promise which is often broken, and so in His grace, He secured His Promises by a death oath. Why? Because He knows that doubt is deadly to faith and the promises are only realized through faith (and patience). Therefore, the Father did this in His great mercy for our minds, which is always the battleground. Please understand: If God failed to comply with any promise to us, he vowed to be as the dead animals over which He walked…...
Can you imagine? Jesus was ticked! The Jesus of Love and Compassion came down publicly on His disciples like a ton of bricks! This was not Jesus, the gentle Lamb of God - this was Jesus, the Drill Sergeant, or better yet, the Commander-in-Chief of the Heavenly Host! And He was not happy! He didn't say "Nice try, better luck next time", presumably because this isn't JV basketball - this is the Battle of the Ages for the souls of men...…
The Theology Of Helplessness
That is the essence of Christmas – God, the Maker of Heaven and earth, the sun, the moon, and the stars, sent a representative from the Kingdom of Heaven to earth in human form. Certainly, that is no less fantastic than Superman arriving from the planet Krypton to save the earth – yet, according to the first Christmas accounts, this really happened...…
What Really Happened on the First Christmas 
Many of us find life to be an incessant struggle, an overwhelming and endless series of confrontations with one impossible or unsolvable circumstance after another, as we constantly battle fear, anxiety, and worry, trying frantically to get our breath despite the billowing waves crashing down upon us.  Is that the life God really intends for us?...
The Problem of the Lie
There is a great deal of confusion surrounding the meaning of the Book of Esther. Many scholars dismiss it as history, find it irrelevant as theology, and have consigned it to the domain of the arcane as meaningless for present day believers. However, I submit that the Holy Spirit penned the book and for that reason it constitutes sacred Scripture on a par with any other biblical book. In fact, as you will see below, in my view it should be the anthem of every believer and spiritual warrior.
The Meaning Of The Book Of Esther
Today’s prevailing theology generally tells us that our only hope for freedom from the devil’s whip is secular medicine or treatment, after which at some point we can offer a prayer or two, being assured, however, by many evangelical leaders that God is “sovereign” and therefore may or may not (usually not) rescue us from our affliction, because He is supposedly working out greater purposes than “merely” freeing us when the devil is whipping us mercilessly, for example, with cancer or depression... But is that how Christ responded when asked to rescue His brethren being destroyed by the devil with disease?
Healing 101
The post-modern visible church may have disdained the awesome inheritance – the promise of authority over unclean spirits and disease (Mat. 10:1), but that doesn’t mean that we should. The evangelical carnival hucksters, tent show revivalists, and TBN frauds may have brought the promises into ridicule and disrepute, but that doesn’t mean the promises are no longer good – does it?
Our Authority Over Unclean Spirits and Disease
The fundamental fact of healing is this: God has “visited us and accomplished redemption for His people… and rescued us out of the hands of our enemies” (Lke. 1:68- 74), but that rescue, although already accomplished, must be received, with open hands, and tenaciously protected and held onto, because not only is Satan a liar,  “he comes but to steal, kill, and destroy” (Jhn. 10:10)
How to Receive and Keep Your Healing 
If you take away one thing from this essay it should be this: the question of whether you deserve healing, or are “good” enough to get God’s attention, is the wrong question. Get it out of your mind as it will crush your faith. The right question focuses on Christ and not you and is this: can God be relied upon to do justice because of what Christ has already accomplished towards your healing?
Healing Is God’s Justice
The Gospel of Jesus Christ – meaning the GOOD NEWS of the Father’s act in sending to earth His only begotten Son, is more sublime, subtle, profound, fantastic, and glorious than we can possibly imagine. Its breadth spans as far as the east is from the west, its height as high as the heavens are above the earth, and its depth as deep as the deepest abyss of Hell. And this is why…...
Christ - God’s Covenant Response
The purpose of this Healing Ministry, in accordance with the Scriptural model, is to give the Living God, who loves you just as He loves Christ Himself, with an everlasting covenant love, the opportunity, which He relishes, to fight for you and to confront His supernatural Enemies who violently oppose Him, in His desire to favor, bless, and exalt you and thus glorify His Great Name.
Healing Questionnaire
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Healing Passages
Healing Passages
How to Have Mountain- Moving Faith
A Man Under Authority
This is a summary of the primary healing passages in the New Testament. We should ensure that we are familiar with all of the various healings recorded for our edification and the building up of our faith. There is no substitute for our meditating upon the actual Word of God to prepare ourselves for ministry and reorient our thinking so that we are receptive to, and have great expectation of, His healing touch.
How do we get mountain-moving faith? This is the faith of Abraham, the “father of us who believe.” And what was his secret? The Scripture tells us in Psalm 25: The secret of the Lord is for those who fear Him. He will make them to know His covenant! And what was the Abrahamic Covenant? Scripture also shows us...
We do not normally think of Jesus as “a man under authority” but, according to Scripture, that is a favored description of Him. Although we normally think of Him as Lord and Creator of the Universe, all of which is true, clearly, but somewhat to our minds, incongruously, He was also “a man under authority.” And, in fact, the Centurion quoted above, who referred to Christ in this way, was extolled by Christ Himself as the person with the most faith in all of Israel. Think about that for a moment...